Traditional Simple Wedding Dresses in Asia

Asia is a very huge continent and consists of many races, religions and cultures. Thus, there are many types of traditional simple wedding dresses in Asia. A simple wedding dress does not contain many details. The color and style must meet the basic requirement of elegant, presentable and feminine. Here are some of the traditional wedding dresses in Asia.

Chinese “Hanfu”

The Chinese bride wears “Hanfu” on her wedding ceremony. It is also know as “Hanzhuang” or “Guzhuang”, in English we called it Chinese Silk Robe. The costume is flourished with golden string that draft out the main graphic of dragon and phoenix. However, the art work on the dress make the simple wedding dress look complicated.

Japanese “Kimono”

“Kimono” is worn by Japanese women during their wedding ceremony. “Kimonos” are in T-shaped straight line robes with long collars and wide sleeves. The materials used to produce “Kimono” are very expensive. Producing such dress is very time consuming as it required a lot of sewing works. Bride needs at least five hours to put on this traditional costume.

Indian “Lehnga”

Besides “Sari”, the Indian bride wears “Lehnga”; a kind of skirt worn generally in combination with Odhani tucked into it at the waist, as wedding dress in certain locations in India. It is less complicated compared with “Sari”. This elegant simple wedding dress creates convenient for bride’s movement during the day of their wedding ceremony.

Korean “Hanbok”

Korean bride usually wears “Hanbok” on her wedding day. This traditional Korean dress comprise of a wrap-around skirt and jackets. The dress is colorful, loose and consists of detailed straight lines and smooth curves. Nowadays, different styles of the “Hanbok” have been altered and modified to suit the taste and comfort for the youngsters.

Source by Jarod Ong