Tourist Atractions in South East Asia

The Philippines is a jewel in the crown of South East Asia. Ancient historical sites and cultural delights await the keen traveler seeking an exotic holiday with a difference.

Explore old Manila and discover the ancient walled city and the ruins of Port Santiago. Travel to upland Buigio and see The Mansion, the President’s summer residence, and stop off at the beautiful Crystal Caves, composed of crystalline rocks.

Gaze in awe at the rice terraces of Banaue which were carved more than 2,000 years go and encircle the mountainside.

Visit Bohol Island and exclaim at the amazing natural wonders which include the limestone hills resembling oversized chocolate drops. You can also see Baclayon Church which dates back to 1595.

Don’t forget Cagayan de Oro-the gateway to the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. But wherever you end up, from ancient ruins, or a beach paradise, you will think you’ve discovered paradise.

Say the word Thailand and most people immediately picture exotic beaches, but there is so much more to Thailand than impossibly white sand.

Take a memorable trip across the River Kwai Bridge at Kanchanaburi, built by the Allied prisoners during WWII. Admire the skills of the kite fighters, or watch a Thai Kick-boxing match which takes place every day in Bangkok or the provinces.

Drift through Bangkok’s floating market or dive with the sharks in the Siam Ocean World. Travel down to Phang Nga Bay and try your hand at sea canoeing or kayaking through the spectacular limestone islands.

Travel up to the Northern provinces and ride an elephant. Visit the Golden Triangle where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet. Or if all this is too much, cast off all your cares with a traditional session of mediation, or learn the art of massage and herbal medicine at ancient Wat Pho.

China is a deeply secretive country, rarely penetrated by western visitors, yet it has much to offer those seeking an alternative vacation with a difference. The Forbidden City in Beijing should be top of your list, followed by The Great Wall which covers 4,000 miles and can be seen from space. How about the Terracotta Warriors: they are a breathtaking site to behold with thousands of life sized figures, all having unique faces, hair, and amour.

Visit the Karst Mountains in Yangshuo, or the Yangtze River and the Three Gorges Dam. Jiuzhaigou Valley in Sichuan province is famous for its crystal blue lakes and multi-level waterfalls and is a superb place to experience Tibetan local culture.

And don’t forget to feed and play with the giant Pandas in the Wolong Nature Reserve. Finally, no visit to China would be complete without experiencing Hong Kong with the Bank of China Tower and Kowloon Harbor.

Source by Adam Widelka