Top 9 Asian Tattoo Designs With Meanings

There are various forms of Asian tattoo designs that you can try out. If you are looking for something that will be large scale then you should try out these styles. It is because there are popular things of these tattoo designs which are like the yin and yang, the fishes, dragons and several other things like the cheery blossom, or other designs. Most of these are also done on a large scale and mainly for this the people who get these done, do these on the broader parts of their body like the thighs or the back. This is a very common thing with most of these designs and if you search images for these, you will see that this is a common trend to do this large scale.

Tattoo Designs

These are also very showy and apart from the floral designs, the others are mostly common for any people to try out and not only girls. Therefore this is a good thing about these that any design can almost be teamed up for any person’s body. So if you are interested to get something like this, then you will have to take the professional work of an artist who can make you custom patterns.

Asian Tattoo Designs With Meanings:

Below are the top 9 Asian tattoo designs with meanings that you should definitely try out:-

1. Daring Asian Patterns For Hands:

These are usually done with a lot of detailing and colors. You can try something in these styles if you are comfortable sporting these. These also have colorful cherry blossom flowers and also patterns of waves done in dark ink and shaded colors. It is one of the perfect Asian tattoo designs for men.

2. Creative Asian Dragon Design:
This is another Asian tattoo design which has a lot of intricacy and is done on the whole of back. Like mentioned previously most of these are done on a large scale position and therefore guidance and also the comfort ability of a person getting these done is very important.

3. Fish and Cherry Blossom Girl Tattoo:

This is a variety design. You can try this in colors as well. This is very creative and also very girly. If you are a girl, you can easily get this done. It is one of the best Asian tattoo designs for women.

4. Asian Samurai Tattoo:

Tattoo Designs1

These Asian tattoos are very popular tattoo and a very creative thing that is usually done for the whole body art. These can be done in a way that even a girl as shown in the image, can sport it.

5. Colorful And Artistic Fish Design:

As you can see in the image, this is a very large scale and also intricately detailed pattern. A person can get these done if he or she is comfortable sporting these.

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6. Asian Sleeve Design:

This is a half hand pattern that has been done very intricately. You can also try something like this out. This is one of the best Asian tattoo designs for men.

7. Asian Waves And Water Design:

These are quite popular and are usually done in black inks. However, if you like to add colors to these then you can make it look something like in the image. These are wave patterns which are very common and are usually used with other styles.

8. Bird Designs For Hands:

You can try something artistic like this. These are colorful and also can be done on any position of the body.

9. Creative Asian Tattoos:

Tattoo Designs2As it is seen from the image above, this is a full body work. This also has a lot of colors, detailing and to do this, it may need several sessions. So if you are looking for something like this then you should take guidance from a professional artist.