How to take your Passion for Travel Ahead

Passion Obsessing over the idea of spending time in cafes overlooking snow-capped mountains and turning it into a money-making prospect is something we all ponder upon while sitting in air-conditioned offices that pay us the bribe by the end of every month. The whole idea of money making through travel comes gushing into people’s mind more ferociously right after they see some elite travel shows or a man or a woman being paid for tasting the food or rating a fancy resort.


For those who only live to wander and consider roads their homes, 9-5 can’t be remotely close to a satisfying option to earn money. As said you earn best when you work in alignment with your passion, the 9-5 job could be a safe option but why to choose that when your heart is in the mountains, on the beaches and just free, all the times! One leap of faith and risk can change the lives of people who want to keep traveling all their lives.

Whether you write, shoot videos or click photographs, if your skills can speak out to the world and mark a presence with a never-seen-before perspective, you are already there! If you’re still wondering why some handpicked travelers are now earning just by following their passion, you need to understand the secret.

Identify what you are good at, that’s a common phrase though but is of utmost importance. Your skills are going to take you far, literally. Let’s begin with the possibilities, ideas, and skills that make traveling turn into a job.

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Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is the easiest way to let the world know about your experiences in different parts of the globe. Further, one can earn through blogging. All you need to do is, keep a creative record of everything you have done, seen or maybe eaten whilst on your tour. Document your experiences everywhere you go.

There are platforms like WordPress and Medium that allow you to write blogs for free. You can also make your own website and write blogs on it. Nowadays, people document their journey on social media too, which in turn help them gain more followers. Keep track of the trends, write about trending places or travel topics, share them wherever you can and start by gaining more visibility.

Travel Vlogging

Travel vlogs are so trendy yet despite almost everyone making such videos only some shake the internet. Notice that every vlog with a lot of views is usually a niche categorical video. Keep the categories in mind and then pick your niche. Your video could either cover the culture of a particular destination or food or maybe some best sightseeing locales or all of these. Youtube is your popularity angel, where tons of creative humans are being paid to upload a distinctive content. Money, of course, comes when ads are viewed but good content is something one should start with.

One has to be very consistent on Youtube. You don’t have to worry about the camera to shoot or any other advanced equipment, for a start, your phone camera would also do. A lot of companies hire freelancers to create content for them. You need to hunt down such companies and show them that you are good at these skills. This is a shorter way to success, the longer but much appreciated is building up your own reputation and developing a self-promoted channel or a website. This may take a long time to be recognized but is fruitful.

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Travel Photography

Photography! The secret is to play with your lens in such a manner that it captures the most common objects or faces or landscapes in a manner no other lens does. Make your pictures talk! You could probably do a lot with your shots by sending them to digital marketing agencies or having them featured in magazines that are read worldwide. You could also sell your images. Do not forget to make your portfolio strong on Instagram. You can consider making a separate Instagram account for your photography.

Work Exchange

Work exchange, this might sound a bit corporate kind but it makes sense. You can travel while working and at the same time grab the opportunity of doing the same in another environment.
Did you know you can travel overseas as well as across your home country if you are good at any basic skill? Whether it’s dancing, singing or playing any kind of instrument you are in demand! Now the people who do yoga exceptionally well are being recognized in different parts of the world and are travelling to teach the same. These are a few ways, however, there are tons maybe billions of other ways. Every person has some skill that is distinctive and can be moulded in the best interest.