Five Eateries To Explore In Hyderabad

When it comes to satisfying your gluttonous soul, a few cities in India could truly live up to your expectations, and Hyderabad is one of the clear winners. Given its huge culinary history from the age of the Nizaams, Hyderabad has always been a highly sought-after destination in the southern part of India for a wide range of food items, whether it is the lip-smacking Hyderabadi special biryani, or the sweet Irani chai, or some spicy South Indian cuisine. Here is a handy guide of eateries if you have plans to travel to this city.

Café Bahar

When in Hyderabad, the Hyderabadi Biryani is a must-have, as goes popular belief. However, there are different kinds of biryanis sold throughout the city, which may easily confuse you, as to the must-visit outlet. Look no further than the 45-year-old “Café Bahar”. Its Basheer Bagh branch, located at the heart of the city, according to local popularity, serves the most delectable biryani. You get to pick your favorite, too, from a usual Chicken Biryani, to a Double Mutton or even a Fish Biryani! There is something for every mood and every capacity.

Shah Ghouse

If you have ever been to an Iftar fair anywhere in India, you would be quite familiar (and feel elated) with the word Haleem. Even though this savory, filling preparation of meat, grains, and other nutritious ingredients is more popular during the holy month of Ramzan, if you happen to be in Hyderabad at any other time, this dish is served with the same level of expertise in the Towlichowki-based “Shah Ghouse”. Dig in and savor the precious dish of the season.

The Spicy Venue

If you have traveled in and around Hyderabad for a few days, it is easy to tire of the famed biryani, and other Mughlai items such as kababs. Do not fret. Hyderabad has a lot more to offer for travelers looking for diversity. Head to “The Spicy Venue” at Jubilee Hills. A pocket-friendly eatery, this place is known for its authentic Andhra-style cuisine, and especially prides on its thalis. While there, you might also end up trying some of the locally popular items such as Ragi Sangiti and Ulvacharu.

Almond House

In the mood for something sweet after that spicy dosage of Ulvacharu? Drop in at “Almond House” at Gachibowli for a hefty chunk of Badam ki jali. Once you are in, no point in counting those calories, you are on vacation, after all!

Road-side stalls

No food itinerary in Hyderabad can be complete without visiting the prime area of road-side vendors around Charminar. If you are lucky enough to catch a spell or two of showers while in the city, head straight to any of these local outlets, and ask for the Irani chai. There is, and always will be, a special romance attached with chai and a downpour.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your tickets already! Hop on to the Hyderabadi special.

Source by Rinita Sen