Famous Festivals and Event in December in India

India is a kaleidoscope of colors and festivals culture. You can always find Indians in celebration mood. Starting from tribal people to ultra-modern population, every culture and every community has a list of festivals in December to celebrate and relish.



Here are the top festivals to enjoy in India, if you are visiting in December. December is the peak winter season and a tourism month too. Thus, you can find numerous events, gala and celebrations in numerous places.

Kumbhalgarh Festival, Rajasthan

The month begins with festival mode in Rajasthan. Not many know that Kumbhalgarh is famous for its Kumbhalgarh Fort. If you visit the fort between 1st and 3rd December 2019, you are in for a treat. This festivals in December focuses on the cultural and local activities and art forms. If you are looking for a local cultural time, this festival is the right event for you. On the first day, you can enjoy Rajasthan folk fusion performances. On the second day, classical dance programs take place and the third day is for instrumental music (Source:).

Top activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Exhibitions and shops for buying souvenirs.
  2. Art and crafts workshops, performances and others.
  3. Dance and music performances by local folk groups.
  4. Puppet shows and other activities.

Reaching the Destination

Kumbhalgarh does not have an airport. The nearest airport is Dabok airport of Udaipur, which is 66 km away from Kumbhalgarh. From Delhi and other important cities, you can easily find flights to Udaipur. Jodhpur airport is around 168 km away from Kumbhalgarh. The nearest railway station is located in Rani, which is 35 km away. The nearest bus stand is located in Nathdwara, which is 36 km away. From airport, railway station and bus stand, you can find cabs and autos to reached Kumbhalgarh

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Rann Utsav, Kutch

Camping in desert is becoming common in India. However, a salt desert is unique. Kutch of Rann is the world’s largest salt desert. During the winter season, the locals and tourists visit the desert, stay in camp overnight and enjoy numerous cultural, adventure and romantic activities. Rann Utsav is a cultural and entertainment festival celebrated from the beginning of November to the end of February. The prime time to visit the festival is during full moon night and during December.

Top activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Overnight camping, para motoring, horse riding, camel riding, archery and other adventure and unique activities.
  2. Cultural events like story recital, musical performances, cultural activities, dance performances.
  3. Visit the villages around the region for safari, exploring local lifestyle and souvenir shopping.
  4. This is the right time to enjoy the local cuisine of the land.

Reaching the Destination

The best way to reach Rann of Kutch is to reach Bhuj first and then choose any transportation to reach the desert. From the airport at Bhuj, you can find cabs to reach Rann of Kutch. If you are choosing to ride the train, you can also choose to ride the Ala Hazrat express, the direct train from Delhi to Kutch. However, it would take 19 hours and thus, people prefer the air route.

Konark Festival, Bhubaneswar

This is a dance festival, which is celebrated to highlight the traditional dance forms, which are getting extinct as we breathe. It initially started as a dance celebration, where locals perform local forms of dances. As time passed by, the festival became a five-day extravaganza with numerous activities apart from dances. This festival takes place from December 1st to 5th, every year in Natamandir open-air auditorium located inside the famous Konark temple, Odisha. Now, the festival focuses on dances, art forms, cultural activities, craft works and so on. On the same day, International Sand Art festival takes place in the Chandrabhaga Beach of Odisha. In this festival, artists make elegant art works with the beach sand. It is an interesting site to enjoy.

Top activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Dance, music and other art form performances.
  2. Exhibition of temple sculptures.
  3. Visit the beach to watch the sand sculptures.
  4. Explore the crafts fair for souvenir shopping and sightseeing.

Reaching the Destination

To reach Konark, you need to reach Bhubaneswar, first. You can find flights to Bhubaneswar, from all major cities. From Bhubaneswar, you can find buses, cabs and other transportation to reach Pipli village of Puri. If you are hiring bus, you need to de-board at Pipli and then find a bus to Konark. If you are choosing cab, you can directly reach Konark from Bhubaneswar.

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Feast of Francis Xavier, Goa

Saint Francis Xavier is one of the first Christian missionaries who visited India to spread the religion. His earthly remains were mummified and stored in the basement of Bom Jesus Basilica in Goa. During the Feast of Francis Xavier, which marks the anniversary of his burial (Dec 3rd), the mummified body is exposed to the public. To mark his contribution to the religion, many interesting anecdotes of his life would be shared in the special mass.

The main element of the festival is the large feast of delicacies served to every visitor. A fair is also conducted outside the Church for souvenirs shopping. It is said that in 2019, the casket with the mummified body will be taken to Italy for restoration. The casket will not return before 2019 feast. Thus, it is better to visit this year before it is removed (Source:).

Top activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Special mass for visitors.
  2. Rituals, celebrations and others.
  3. Grand feast and a large fair.

Reaching the Destination

Goa has a busy airport within its city limit. Apart from the air route, it is easier to reach Goa from numerous other states of the country via road route, rail route and others. Goa is quite an important tourist destination and thus, the frequency of vehicles towards Goa is very high.

Galdan Namchot, Ladakh

This is a Tibetan celebration of their New Year. Celebrated in the monasteries of Ladakh, this festival marks the birth of Tibetan Saint, Tsongkhapa. Visit the monasteries of the land to enjoy many cultural activities and attractions. If you find someone giving you scarfs, be happy and accept it as it is a tradition to gift scarfs. If you are being invited to someone’s house for a local cuisine meal, make sure to buy a couple of scarfs. The best event of this festival is the dances performed by the monks of the monasteries.

Top activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Artifact exhibit by monasteries.
  2. Unique rituals, feasts and fairs conducted in the monasteries.
  3. Dance and other cultural performances.

Reaching the Destination

The most beautiful way to reach Ladakh is by train. The nearest railway station is located in Jammu Tawi, which is 700 km away. The remaining distance should be covered via road route. You can find jeeps and cabs for transportation to Ladakh. Some take road route up to Srinagar from Jammu and then fly to Ladakh from Srinagar. You can also fly directly to Ladakh from Delhi.