Best Ethnic Outfits To Style In Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are one of the most anticipated and celebrated events that people wait for all year. From picking out a perfect dress to deciding on what makeup to use, there’s so much planning and preparing that goes into the event. The traditional outfits worn at an Indian wedding can be just as important as selecting your bridesmaids dresses or deciding on your bouquet.

Indian Weddings Outfits

So we decided to put together a list of some of our favourite ethnic outfits you could style in an Indian wedding! This post contains affiliate links; if you purchase through them, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Indian Weddings


Evergreen Saree

Evergreen sarees have been a staple of Indian culture for centuries. With the invention of cotton, these fabrics became more widespread and accessible to Indians in both rural and urban areas. The fabric is woven with silk, which resulted in an elegant fabric that can be worn during any occasion.
Evergreen Saree has everything you need to make your next sari purchase – from traditional pattu-kootam patterns to fun printed kalamkari designs! Whether you’re looking for something formal or casual, Evergreen Saree will help you find the perfect piece for your wardrobe.
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Lehenga is one of the most popular Indian garments that can be worn in any occasion. It’s a dress that comprises an upper garment falling from the waist to just below the knees, and a long skirt reaching down to the ankles. The lehenga has its origins in classic Persian clothing but it was influenced by Mughal fashion when they invaded India during 16th century.

Lehengas are traditionally made with silk or chiffon fabric, but nowadays you can find them in many other materials like cotton, georgette, crepe and even velvet! They come in various colors so you’ll surely find your favorite hue among these beauties!

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Anarkali Suits

Anarkali suits are a popular choice for many women in India, and they have been around since the Mughal era. They can be worn to parties, weddings, or formal events. Anarkali suits are typically made from silk with gold thread embroidery to make them look more luxurious. The hemline of an anarkali suit is floor length which means that you will need a jacket over it if you want to wear it outside during cold weather. There are also different styles of jackets such as off-shoulder ones and churidars which sit at the hips to give your body a more flattering shape when wearing these types of outfits.


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