Big Diwali Celebrated in Different parts of india

Diwali Traditionally, Diwali is celebrated on the third day of the festival, and Deepavali 2019 falls on October 27th. Like other famous festivals in IndiaDiwali celebration across India is done with great excitement and grandeur uniting the whole country. People usually wear new clothes on the night of Diwali, share gifts, and those who can afford also buy silver or gold jewelries.

Diwali is a Hindu festival that takes place in the autumn season. It marks the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil. The name Diwali means “row of lamps” or “festival of lights.” The holiday lasts for five days and is celebrated with friends and family. There are many different ways to celebrate this event-some families will perform puja (prayers) while others will visit temples to offer their respect. However you choose to celebrate this holiday make sure you take time out of your busy life to be thankful for all that you have!




In North India

Diwali is a celebration that marks the victory of good over evil. In North India, Diwali is celebrated with much pomp and splendour. Celebrations include lighting up homes, shops and streets with oil lamps, candles or electric lights to represent the triumph of light over darkness. The festival also involves giving out sweets as a sign of love and prosperity to friends and family members. For people in North India, Diwali symbolises happiness and hope for a better future.

In East India

Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India. It celebrates light, life, and prosperity. East Indians are so passionate about Diwali that they have a special word for it: Deepavali!
This year I traveled to Bangalore with my family to celebrate this amazing holiday. While there, we visited temples and got delicious Indian food! Check out these pictures from our trip if you want to know what it was like!

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In West India

(Gujarat and Maharashtra), rangoli is an important part of their Diwali decoration. While Gujaratis draw footprints of goddess Laxmi on the threshold of the house, light their homes with candles, rice lights, and diyas on the night of Diwali, Maharashtrians perform Lakshmi pooja in their homes and organize a feast known as “Faral” for families and friends, where sweets like karanji, ladoo and snacks like chakli and sev are served.

In South India

(Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu), while Andhrites and Tamilians worship Lord Krishna and his wife Satyambha’s victory over the demonic King Narkasura, Kannadigas take oil bath and build forts from cow dung in their homes.

Diwali Celebration Around The World

Diwali is an occasion of joy, merrymaking, and togetherness for Indians around the world. While the festival is celebrated on a grand scale throughout the country, it is also celebrated in other countries with large Hindu populations that include Nepal, Srilanka, Mauritius, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Britain, Malaysia, Thailand, Guyana, Japan, Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago, Africa, and Australia.

How Diwali is Celebrated across India

Diwali is a Hindu festival that commemorates the victory of light over darkness. It falls on the 15th day of Kartik in the Hindu calendar and lasts for 5 days, where each day has a different significance. Diwali is celebrated with lights, fireworks, lamps and decorations made from oil lamps or candles called diyas. The festival also marks a time for reflection as it symbolizes a new beginning to those who are celebrating this holiday.

Diwali is an important part of Indian culture because there are many different ways that people celebrate it across India. For example, some communities have elaborate ceremonies while others use more simplified celebrations with only one evening’s worth of events. Some include religious occasions like prayers while others might

 Also, more women work outside home today compared to earlier times when most women stayed at home while men went out to earn money for the family.. These changes make each celebration unique yet similar at its core – bringing people together through food & fun! Celebrating Diwali across India is an amazing experience that should not be missed by anyone who wants a glimpse into Indian culture!