Budget-Friendly Destinations to Explore In Asia

Asia Do you need a nice, comfortable and an amazing break from the monotonous lifestyle by exploring the various gorgeous and culturally rich destinations in Asia but you want this vacation to be light on your purse too? Yes, Asia is to known to host some of the most expensive places like Singapore and Japan, but this world’s largest continent has some other terrific options that too with low budget plans.Asia

Isn’t it just great? Surely, knowing about these locations you can finally plan that long – awaited Asian vacation in this new year of 2019 without the worry of going bankrupt.

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1. India

Want to have a taste of everything ranging from snow-capped mountains to serene beaches, mouth-watering delicacies to wonderful architecture, attractive markets to a rich cultural and historic heritage? If we say, that you can get all of this at just one place that too with a really cool budget, trust us, we surely aren’t joking!

Chilling on the beaches and enjoying theGoa nightlifevisiting the amazing attractions of “Venice of the East” inAllepey, witnessing the true nature beauty with theHimalayan paradise, India is an amazing bargain for every wanderlust soul.

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2. Bangladesh

If summarized in two words then Bangladesh can very comfortable be described as an affordable andoffbeat place to visit. From being the home to the world’s biggest mangrove forests, the Sundarbans, to boasting about having Earth’s longest unbroken stretch of sandy beach, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh is also known for hosting some of the ancient temples. With many amazing places to explore, having numerous restaurants offering delicious food at low cost and finding some really cheap accommodations that too by spending low from your purse is a dream bargain for every backpack traveller.

3. Nepal

Are you looking forward for some really great adrenaline pump in a really fantastic location in this vacation by trying some adventurous activities? If yes, then we bring to you the best place for you adventure lover souls, Nepal. With intense treks, mountain biking, paragliding, and many other exciting sports in the region of the mighty Himalayan mountains, it becomes a bit hard to resist for all those seeking excitement, adventure and some adrenaline rush. Though some treks and sightseeing flights are a bit expensive, but the base cost of visiting Nepal is very minimal. But in return for a lot of fun, spending a bit more money is also a nice bargain, isn’t it?

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4. Vietnam

Vietnam is undoubtedly one of those exceptionally gifted countries in the world which has been blessed with some real natural beauty which makes it a really spectacular and snap worthy vacation destinations. Mouth-watering food is Vietnam’s another speciality which one tasted will leave every foodie craving for another visit to this fascinating country and dreaming of spending one more day sitting on those plastic chairs and relishing that good food along with a gulp of beer. The best part being its really flexible expenses which offer a lot of budget-friendly choices to its guests. Enjoying food, accommodation, drinks, transport, worthy sight-seeing in a spectacular location at affordable prices, isn’t this an idea of spending a relaxing and amazing weekend?