Asia Society’s Top 10 Videos for 2019

Asia 2019 is swiftly coming to an end. Before we usher in a new year (and decade), here are the five most-watched Asia Society videos from this year — followed by five more we think you’ll enjoy.

India Minister of External Affairs Talks Kashmir, Other Subjects With Kevin Rudd — 408,430 views

In September, Asia Society welcomed leaders from across the world to our New York home during the United Nations General Assembly. India’s Minister of External Affairs Subrahmanyam Jaishankar dropped by on September 24 for a wide-ranging discussion with Asia Society Policy Institute President Kevin Rudd about climate change, India-China ties, and the crisis in Kashmir. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed many of these issues during his talk two days later.

Untangling the U.S.-China Economic Relationship — 359,132 Views

2019 marked another tense year in U.S.-China relations. A “phase one” deal in the trade war aside, significant differences remain between the two countries. In May, Asia Society Northern California assembled an expert panel to dissect the Sino-American economic relationship from technology to trade, offering a glimpse at what divides the two superpowers.

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Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Sharply Critiques Trump Administration’s Withdrawal From Nuclear Deal — 340,077 Views

On April 25, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke with Asia Society President and CEO Josette Sheeran about the Iran nuclear deal, which the United States withdrew from in 2018. Zarif criticized the Trump administration for its decision and argued that Tehran had been operating in good faith. Watch the complete conversation below:

Hong Kong Legislators Discuss City’s Ongoing Protest Movement — 115,274 Views

Perhaps the year’s biggest story in Asia was the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, where the proposal of a since-withdrawn law making Hong Kong residents vulnerable to extradition to China sparked the territory’s biggest political crisis since its 1997 handover to Chinese rule. On August 15, two members of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, Dennis Kwok and Alvin Yeung, explained the origins of the protests in an appearance at Asia Society New York.

Experts Discuss ‘The Great Decoupling’ Between China and the United States — 55,496

For decades, the symbiotic relationship between the Chinese and American economies has produced a flood of inexpensive consumer goods in the United States and helped lift hundreds of millions of Chinese nationals out of poverty. Amid signs that this relationship is fracturing, Asia Society invited a panel of experts to discuss “The Great Decoupling” on our New York stage on October 16. Watch below:

Yo-Yo Ma Performs With T.M. Krishna in Mumbai

On January 23, legendary cellist Yo-Yo Ma performed the beginning of a Bach sarabande and was joined by Carnatic music vocalist T. M. Krishna with a Devadasi composition as part of a program organized by Asia Society India in Mumbai.

Susie Ibarra’s Hypnotic Percussion Piece at Asia Society New York

Fragility: An Exploration of Polyrhythms is drummer and composer Susie Ibarra’s immersive performance and percussion piece. Using polyrhythms as a model for human interdependence, Ibarra captured the concept of fragility through music, exploring the subtle intersections that affect relationships. Ibarra gave this performance on June 8 at Asia Society New York.

Daniel Russel on What To Expect From a Nuclear North Korea

In spite of a quarter-century of diplomacy, sanctions, and threats, North Korea’s nuclear program remains as lethal a threat as ever — and the possibility of a swift, tidy resolution is vanishingly small. In May, Asia Society Policy Institute Vice President for International Diplomacy and Security Daniel Russel explained what we can expect going forward from a nuclear North Korea and argued that “coercive containment” is the least bad strategy for the United States and its allies to pursue.

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Wang Dongling Demonstrates His Dynamic Calligraphy Style

The master calligrapher Wang Dongling demonstrated his mesmerizing style during a performance and discussion held at Asia Society New York in March 2018. The artwork created at this event is on display at Asia Society Museum. But hurry! It closes on January 5.

Tiffany Li on The Distortive Effects of China’s ‘Great Firewall’

In February, Tiffany Li of the Yale Law School Information Society Project gave an entertaining, informative presentation about China’s sophisticated internet censorship system.