12 Interesting Things About Chennai City You Might Not Know

Chennai has a rich history, colorful cultures and great traditions that make it stand out uniquely. This capital of Tamil Nadu has a reputation because of the stunning beaches and sacred sentences as well as a variety of great places to visit making any vacation here worth it. It offers adventures for the whole family and even honeymooners, but you will be surprised at just how many things you may not know about the city that are very interesting.

1. It is home to the largest Library in Asia. This is the Anna Centenary Library that spreads across a total of nine acres. The books here are great value and you can enjoy a read on a topic of your choice.

2. Chennai hosts world's second longest beach. Marina beach is actually one of the major attractions bringing visitors to the city. It offers breathtaking views and serene surroundings, even though it is within the city promises.

3. World's oldest medical and engineering colleges are located in Chennai. It is no wonder that India makes one of the best study destinations, especially in the medical and engineering fields.

4. The city makes the birthplace of South Indian cinema. It comes second in the number of theaters in India after Mumbai. If you love entertainment, then you have plenty of theaters to explore when visiting the city.

5. The largest IT parks in Asia is located here. It is the Tidal Park that was set up to foster information technology growth in Tamil Nadu state. The 13 storied building is a magnificent piece of art.

6. It is the cultural capital of India. There is always something going on in the city as far as cultural festivals and events go. You can enjoy anything from dances, cinema and music festivals.

7. It is one among the safest rates cities in India. It has low crime rates and reliable law enforcement, according to surveys. This makes it also top rated as the best city to live in.

8. Chennai is home to the first zoo in India and one of the largest in Asia. This is the Vandalur Zoo spreading over 602 hectares of land. It houses thousands of flora and fauna species and over a thousand wild species. It also has tens of endangered species.

9. It makes the vehicle hub of India. The bus transportation routes in the city through Koyambedu are best planned and the city also ranks top three in terms of two wheeler populations.

10. One of India's oldest stadiums is located in Chennai. It is the MA Chidambaram Stadium that was set up back in 1916. It is definitely worth checking out when in the city.

11. Chennai comes second in India in the number of people it employs in terms of manpower. The employment opportunities in the city are impressive, no wonder it makes one of the best cities to live.

12. Chennai is also home to one of the oldest Indian established research centers, the Cancer Institute established back in 1920.

Source by Satvik Mittal